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Island Beach
I. Pictures

Images from Island Beach State Park .

History of Island Beach.

Chapter 4: Destiny's Child

The Hindenberg Disaster

Images of the Hindenberg

"It burst into flames! Get out of the way! Get out of the way. This is the worst of the worst catastrophes in the world! Oh, the humanity, and all the passengers screaming around here!"

Chapter 24: Simpler Times

Operation Bumblebee:

"Named after a bumblebee, which although aerodynamically unable to fly, does not know this and flies anyway, this operation lead to the maturing of supersonic aircraft and shipboard missile design in the mid-20th century."

"In the United States, the first test site for ramjet missiles was at Island Beach, New Jersey, managed by the U.S. Navy in association with the John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory and the Kellex Corporation."

Chapter 35: The Devil You Say

The Legend of the Jersey Devil

Images of the Jersey Devil

“Legend has it that, upon becoming impregnated with her 13th child, Jane Leeds became so frustrated at the prospect of yet another mouth to feed she said, ‘I wish this child be born a devil!"